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We have written business plans for a wide range of start-ups and corporate clients looking to raise funding of between £50,000 and £200m. These include business plans for companies offering web applications, social media, mobile technology, IT, legal services, banking and wealth management, health and fitness, retail, construction, mining, renewable energy, healthcare, medical and pharmaceutical. A number of our clients have been kind enough to provide us with feedback on our service. We would like to share some of these below with you.

“We are a fast growing business and needed someone working closely with us to develop a number of business plans at a time when all hands were engaged on other projects. TBPT were quick to understand the depth and complexity of our products as well as the business opportunity and became welcome of our broader team. TBPT provided us with expert business planning skills as well as excellent insight through from their collective commercial experience that enabled us to think through the business opportunity in depth and identify risks that needed mitigating. Throughout the process they have fully aligned themselves with our goals and worked closely and professionally to the brief provided. They have clearly added considerable value to the process of developing our business plan and their independent perspective, commercial awareness and responsiveness have provided us with an invaluable resource.”

Jay Smith, Director of ECO2H2O Limited, January 2010
“I asked TBPT to help me put together a business plan for a complex financial business proposal. I provided the core ideas for them to work around and we worked together over a period of weeks. I cannot recommend the work they did more highly. I found them to be organised, thorough, responsive and they used a great deal of initiative that enabled the minimum input from me whilst still producing a very high quality plan. Every time commitment was met without fail and changes required by me at short notice were done without fail. I have presented the plan to several parties and they have remarked on the high quality, and how thorough and well thought out it is. I believe that the quality of this plan will significantly aid me in raising the funds that I require. I found the pricing of the service provided exceptionally good value as well. I will be using their expertise again in the very near future.” Muwaffaq Salti, Mandara Capital, September 8, 2009”

Top qualities: Great Results, Good Value, On Time
“I worked closely with The Business Plan Team over a period of 3 months from the very early stages of the project during which they became an integral part of our team. During that time TBPT added clarity and rigor to the process of developing our business plan to an investor-ready proposition and highlighted a number of areas that we were able to address to strengthen the business case. The virtual nature of the service avoided the need for scheduling protracted face to face meetings and the ready availability of TBPT made the iterative process of development both efficient and professional. Overall, I feel that we were able to get greater value for our money than the alternatives available to us through local face to face consultants.”

Steve Shergold, Chief Operations Officer, City North Limited December 2009
“I asked Jonathan to create a business plan at a critical time in organization’s existence. Jonathan methodical approach created a plan that has really helped our thinking about and approach to the business. If you run a smaller business and do not have, as many owners do not, the time to put into creating a business plan then talk to Jonathan.”Iain Robertson, RapidHost Limited, November 4, 2008

Top qualities: Great Results, Good Value, High Integrity
“I called Jonathan and his team in when I really needed depth and breadth of understanding in putting together an effective and compelling business plan to support a proposition I was passionate about - but possibly too closely involved with to produce objectively on my own. They added both expertise and experience in a document which was thoroughly researched and challenged existing assumptions on a range of issues. It ensured that the final business plan was something I was proud to stand by and present to potential investors. Highly recommended for anyone who wants the A team on their side in the Boardroom. ”Adrienne Lawler, www.nowyouretalking.com, August 19, 2009

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Good Value
“Working with the BPT was a refreshing experience and the virtual environment was ideal for a fast and efficient service. From initial assessment of the plan concept, right through to the completion of the plan all of the dialogue exchanged to create it was clear, concise and very helpful. The service was friendly, yet very professional at every stage of the plan. The finished product more than reached my expectations.”

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