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We have listed below a number of answers to questions we regularly receive from clients – if you can’t find an answer to your question please give us a call and we will do our best to answer it.

Q: Does TBPT have the commercial experience necessary to develop business plans?
A: Yes. Our team has commercial experience working in start-ups through to large global corporations in roles that span, finance, operations, product development, marketing and project management. The person responsible for developing your business plan will have a solid commercial background (not just an academic one), will have several years of experience writing business plans, and will have been successful in raising debt and/or equity funding with business plans they have written.

Q: Who will be responsible for developing my business plan?
A: You will be allocated an experienced business plan consultant who will be responsible for developing all aspects of your business plan and he or she will be you sole point of contact. Your business plan consultant will engage other members of the team as necessary to develop research, financial forecasts and the writing of your business plan commentary.

Q: What assurances can you provide about client confidentiality and copyright?
A: We treat all client information as though it were our own. We are happy to sign mutual Confidentiality or Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) as required. Any work we carry out on behalf of the client remains the property of the client.

Q: Can you provide client references?
A: A large proportion of our work is confidential and is bound by confidentiality agreements of up to 5 years. However, a number of our clients have been happy to provide testimonials for us and approved the publication of case studies we have on this web-site.

Q: Have business plans written by TBPT secured funding?
A: Yes. We have written business plans that have raised between £250,000 and £5m of debt and equity funds in 2009/10. There are many reasons why a business plan may or may not secure funding (see our blog for more detail) and we do not have control over many of these. However, we are proud of our track record to date.

Q: How much will it cost to develop my business plan?
A: The cost depends on a number of factors including the amount of research you have already completed, the complexity of your business, how much financial modelling is required, and whether you have already started to write up your plan. Our fees generally start at around £500 for selective services.

Q: What is the typical process for developing business plans?
A: TBPT adopts a three stage process – Research and modelling, Financial forecasting and Commentary writing. The first stage ensures that we have enough information in place to provide firm foundations for your business plan. The second stage is to build the financial forecast for your business based on financial assumptions that we agree with you. The final stage is to develop the research and financial forecast into written commentary that conveys the business opportunity and proposition in a compelling way.

Q: Can you provide me a with a written quote?
A: Yes. Once we understand a little about your business we can provide you with a full written proposal that outlines the process, estimated timescale and cost for TBPT to develop your business plan.

Q: What involvement will I have in the business plan writing process?
A: We believe it is crucial that you have a full understanding of all aspects of your business plan and so we will involve you throughout the development of your business plan. This will involve discussions relating to business plan research, the development of financial assumptions for your business and the review and discussion of draft financial forecasts and the business plan commentary. We involve you in every aspect of the process.

Q: Will TBPT carry out research for my business plan?
A: Yes, we can help compile internet-based research to support your business plan. The credibility of your business plan will depend on the depth of research supporting it. As a minimum this should include research into your market and competition. TBPT will review any research you have already compiled, identify opportunities to develop this research further and can carry out internet and telephone based research into these areas.

Q: What does TBPT need to start developing my business plan?
A: as a first stage we need to discuss your business proposition with you. We will then ask you to forward any information that you have gathered to date relating to your business for us to review. We can then start the business planning process.

Q: Do you provide advice on how to write my business plan or a business plan template that I can use?
A: No. We do not provide advice or templates but we do have a blog that addresses some business planning issues here http://thebusinessplanteam.blogspot.com/

Q: Do you need face-to-face meetings to develop my business plan?
A: No. Over 95% of our business plan services are provided virtually over the phone, internet and email. This enables us to keep our prices down and provide our services to clients across the UK and abroad. Our clients have identified a number of key advantages of our virtual service as follows:
  • “Sessions are more effectively organised and managed”
  • “Fast and efficient”
  • “Easy to give and get constant feedback”
  • “Able to conduct the process flexibly rather than with fixed meetings”

Q: Can you help raise funding for my business plan?
A: Yes, in some cases we are able to introduce you to potential sources of funding. Once a business plan is complete we review the target funding for the business and see if we have anyone in our funding network that may be able to provide funds or further introductions to potential funds that match your requirements. This is done under a separate “Introducer Agreement” which we can provide on request.