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Around 90% of our time at The Business Plan Team is spent working with entrepreneurs and start-ups developing new business plans to present to investors, banks or other sources of finance. We have experience working with various types of businesses in the start-up planning stage including sole traders starting a local business, inventors with a new product or service, teams of professionals combining to provide international services, and companies starting up a new business as part of a growth strategy. Our client testimonials tell you a little about this experience from a client perspective.

The level of detail you will require for your new business plan will depend on a number of factors including the complexity and scale of your business and the amount of funds you need to raise. Our range of services focuses on all aspects of the start-up planning process and ensures that you have got all angles covered.

In general, all start-up business plans require the same core elements in their business plan. Where a start up differs significantly from an existing business is in its financial forecast. The risk of funding a new business without sales or a proven product or service is naturally higher than one which can show a solid trading hisory. So, when we develop a new business plan we work with you to ensure that the financial assumptions on which your forecast is based are solid and grounded in reality.

Our service is therefore much more than a simple writing service - we can work in detail for you on any aspect of the start-up planning process and we bring a background of senior level commercial experience to the table that includes first hand business start up and fund-raising experience. In doing so we will help you establish enough research to give a solid grounding to your business plan and can help you test out the feasibility of your idea and model alternative approaches to market. Once we have agreed some basic financial assumptions about your business we will help you develop a full set of financial forecasts including cash-flow, profit and loss and balance sheet and write a full commentary that puts a compelling  business case.

To see how we can help develop your start-up business plan either call us on 0845 026 0198 or use our contact form and we will get right back to you.